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Sea Turtle Hatchery

Learn about and experience the endangered turtles of the ocean at the Sea Turtle Hatchery located on the beautiful golden sandy beach of Habaraduwa, a short trip from Weligama.

Sea Turtle Hatchery

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Sri Lanka is home to many globally endangered species, including the sea turtle, which is one of the most fascinating. Sea turtle hatcheries are commonly seen in Sri Lanka's western and southern coasts. The best time to visit a Sea Turtle Hatchery is when the female sea turtles return to their nesting grounds to lay their eggs. During this time, these sea turtles will be in a trance-like state and will not be alarmed by the presence of bystanders.

Sea Turtles

Sri Lanka has one of the most visited shores for nesting in the world when it comes to sea turtles. The primary breeding season is from September to mid-April on the island's west coast and from February to June on the East coast, and thus are the best times to witness these fascinating creatures.

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