Snake Farm with W15

Snake Farm

Be enthralled by the fascinating snake species and learn about habitation and the importance of protecting these animals—an up-close and personal experience with some of the most beautiful creatures that call the island home.

Snake Farm

A slithering excursion

The Snake farm is 8km from Weligama on the route to Thelijjawala. The snakes at this farm are there temporarily, receiving shelter when the villagers will hand them over. Tourists can enjoy handling nonvenomous snakes such as pythons, cat snakes, and beautiful flying snakes. The venomous snakes can only be observed as reptile experts handle them.

A Slithering Adventure

There are 294 different species of snakes in the world, and Sri Lanka is home to 96 of them. Of these, the island is home to 50 indigenous species. There are snakes in every region of the nation, from the seas around the island to Horton Plains, which is the highest point. Some snake species are restricted to particular geographical and climatic regions.

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